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The Grimm lab researches urban and stream ecology and is based at Arizona State University. Members of the lab frequently interact with the School of Life Sciences (SOLS), the Global Institute of Sustainability (GIOS), the Global Futures Lab (GFL), the Global Drylands Center (GDC), and the Central Arizona Phoenix Long Term Ecological Research program (CAP LTER).

Grimm Lab group photo
Group photo
Grimm Lab at the Regents’ Professors Induction Ceremony, Spring 2020. Pictured left to right: Marina Lauck, Mandy Kuhn, Yeowon Kim, Nancy Grimm, Stephen Elser, Mengdi Lu, Marta Berbes, and Sophia Bonjour

ASU News - Climate change disrupting stability in desert stream ecosystems 

Research Interests

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UREx-Sustainability Research Network

Integrating social, ecological, and technical systems to devise, analyze, and support urban infrastructure decisions in the face of climatic uncertainty

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Central Arizona Phoenix LTER

Urban ecology and socioecological systems in the country's 5th largest city

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Sycamore Creek

Long term research in environmental biology that stems from decades of work in this desert stream

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How do oxygen dynamics vary within and across streams and what can that tell us about the metabolic regimes of streams across the world

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A list of lab members past and present. Many of our lab members are also active on twitter. Check their profile page for links!

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